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8-week women's strength training program

Squat, bench pressm deadlidt, and pull-ups taught

Lifts performed for 2 weeks at a time

Start Dates/Times:
- Tuesday January 21, 10:00-11:00am with a male trainer
Thursday January 23, 6:45-7:45pm with a female trainer

This Product is No Longer Available.
General Information: 

Runs once a week:
Monday January 20 - March 16


Technique taught:
- Squat
- Bench Press
- Deadlift

This Product is No Longer Available.

Spend two sessions with a trainer assessing your current routine and goals. Check your form and leave with the knowledge to work out on your own. No formail assessment or program included.

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Student or Member Winter 2020

The On-Ramp Program at the Laurier gym is for anyone of any fitness level. It is a very important place to start. It will include all your programming for training, an introduction on how to train properly, and guidance and attention from a skilled trainer for 5 sessions + 1 assessment. You will be introduced to all movements, skills and requirements so that you can tackle any workout. We want to help you feel comfortable in the Fitness Centre.

Student or Member Winter 2020

Ever wonder if what you're doing is enough? Spend 10 sessions with a trainer to learn new movements and get you started on the right path. Whether you are relatively new or an advanced gym user, a skilled trainer will show you what it means to work hard. You will leave with a new outlook on how to train and program to keep you going.

Student or Member Winter 2020

If you're looking at this then you know you have goals that you cannot meet alone. This program is for the person who is dedicated to achieving their goal. Change doesn't happen overnight. It is hard work and dedication over time. Work with a trainer that is as dedicated to you and your goals. This is a program that changes lives and helps you master your body.

Student or Member Winter 2020
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